Friday, June 05, 2009

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troylloyd said...

i love this,

strange halo
in spectral aura

i especially dig the way you're so deft with color, how you can achieve an absolutely drenched vibrant spectrum, yet somehow maintain that slightly muted atmosphere,in certain ways reminding me of some of the 2nd gen abstract expressionists who used light washes of multiple hues to compose something of pure multilayered color, but yours also has a weird neon energy field almost humming in a vibrational force seemingly uncontainable in space & hovering ever closer off the screen... indeepth blastitude, like putting a spacesuit on eyeballs & blowing right thru pupils...

...much nibtip skill you got as well, going thru & looking at all the drawing left me jawdropt in stunner mode, line quality out the yin-ying & a naturalness such natural as motion to movement & what you render is forged not only with mark-making instruments, but gifted with the living breath as well.